Yes, we EXIST! Gifted women – no more denied!

Addressing the nuanced challenges gifted women encounter is important for fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment in private and professional environments.

Many of you faced significant hurdles as gifted girls/women in childhood, school, professional, and private life.

Educational Challenges

Gifted women encounter cultural ambivalence towards female independence, leading to self-doubt fostered by societal expectations. This inhibits their willingness to take risks and sets limitations on expectations for success.

Bias and Rejection

Teacher bias and peer rejection add another layer of difficulty. Gifted males may be favored, while gifted females face biases in analytical skills and originality. Pre-adolescent peer groups may reject girls who appear too smart, posing a social dilemma for gifted females navigating societal expectations.

Hostility and Violence

Gifted females often face hostility toward their abilities, both in communities devaluing intellectual gifts in women and in settings that support traditional aspirations. The extent of this hostility, including potential forms of violence, remains underexplored. Addressing and understanding these dynamics is crucial for creating environments where gifted women feel empowered to express their talents without fear of backlash.

1 – To empower gifted women, we must first acknowledge their existence. Yes, gifted women EXIST!
2 – Further on, we must address and dismantle all the barriers that inhibit the full realization of gifted women’s potential – a LOT of work here!
3 – We need to address the needs of gifted women and provide them with special support.
4 – Give them time and space to embrace, grow their unique gifts and thrive.

Girl Before a Mirror by Pablo Picasso holds a vivid resonance when considered in the context of gifted women. Picasso’s portrayal of Marie-Thérèse Walter, his gifted muse, goes beyond capturing her physical features; it delves into the intricacies of identity, perception, and the passage of time.

Much like the dualities depicted in the painting, gifted women often navigate a complex interplay of societal expectations, self-perception, and the inevitable journey of aging. The divided face, with one side in a calm, lilac hue and the other in bold, bright yellow, mirrors the dichotomies gifted women may feel—balancing societal norms with their innate brilliance, negotiating the calm and the bold within themselves.

The mirror, revealing a darker version of the woman, speaks to the introspective journey that many gifted individuals, particularly women, undertake. This introspection may involve confronting societal pressures, reconciling with evolving identities, and recognizing the inevitability of change.

Don’t give up no matter where you are on your inner journey as a gifted woman. Find your tribe, even on the other side of the world or online…follow your inner guidance and trust your inner light.

Picture: Girl Before a Mirror by Pablo Piccaso

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