Odyssea Ad Astra

A journey from the inner depths to the stars.

A unique program for people who want to help build a better future.

From the inner depths towards the stars

 We all feel EXHAUSTED AND TIRED OF LIFE. We all feel like we are in limbo land. We all want to fit in, belong and feel safe. 

We all have emotional blind spots that keep us self-sabotaging. We are all full of shame, fear and don't know how to express our inner world. We all have deep feeling of not being good enough.

But perhaps you also FEEL SOMETHING INSIDE YOU IS BIRTHING UP and needs space and time to be embraced, you might also feel THAT THERE IS SOMETHING GREATER than mundane LIFE, THAT THere is deeper TRUTH HIDDEN inside YOU.

We are all being called to awaken to our own creativity and giftedness.

Now is the time to write your true story and reach to the stars.

Embrace your inner gifts and write a profound story of you life

Odyssea Ad Astra is a 6-week intensive program that brings new perception of human potentials and new methods on how to unleash them to build new reality.

New reality for you, for the community, for the planet Earth.

Odyssea Ad Astra program is an updated vision of the present for better future in which ancient wisdom and modern approach go hand in hand with intuition, creativity, vitality and giftedness.

Odyssea Ad Astra is a space where we explore, experience and embrace our future self.

When we ground our energy firmly in stability, when we connect to the sacred space of the heart, only then we can reach to the stars.

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from the ground up

To activate and thrive in our potentials we must first be grounded in our reality and experience present as it is. No true potentials will be activated, if they will not be supported with a stable, safe and nurturing environment. Our personal growth depends on how rooted we are, how we trust ourselves and what kind of relationship we have with ourselves. Grounding brings stability, calmness, trust and faith, from which we can create and receive inner gifts.


from the heart 

When gifts are not supported and anchored in loving, giving and receiving energy, then we are not able to surpass the ego. We become lost in either self depriving or narcissism. Our gifts dried up and end up forgotten in time and space. Each one of us is gifted in our own unique way that has been weaved from our beaming life energy, residing in the sanctity of our heart. Once we connect our gifts with energy of the heart, the creative flow never stops to pure blessing down to us.


to the stars

To reach towards the stars we need first to choose, which one to reach. Are you aware of your hidden potentials? Or are you just sailing in the storm of your life without any focus? Ad Astra will lead you as compass towards your stars and help you to reach them and shine. Firmly grounded you will dare to explore possibilities and new perception of your existence. Your consciousness will open and expand and new perception of your existence will present itself in front of you.

Intensive times demand focused minds, strong sense of self and open hearts

“We are lucky if we meet people in life that recognize genius in us and do not hesitate and try to help us recognize, what we are already carrying.” Michael Meade, author, mythologist and storyteller


"Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens." Carl Gustav Jung, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst 


"Fix your course on a star and you'll navigate any storm." Leonardo da Vinci, artist, scientist and inventor


"YOUR INNER POTENTIALS EXISTS TO BE BORN. THEY were given to you to help build ADVANCED, INTELLIGENT AND SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY. you exist to be the part of the new WAY OF THINKING and living THAT WILL HEAL the world."  Katja Ujčič, therapist for gifted , expressive art therapist, yoga therapist


Stay updated about the next entry for the program.

De Humo Ex Animo Ad Astra

Through her own inner journey and working with clients Katja created a unique approach to help people connect to their alter state of consciousness - higher intelligence, where giftedness of each person is awaken. In the program she will lead you step by step to integrate your fears into stability, connect to your inner passion and experience creative flow and reach toward your destined star.

De Humo

You will experience deep grounding and connection to your earthy part of yourself in order to be stable enough to reach for the stars. You WILL BUILD YOUR RESILIENCE TOWARD THE NOT GOOD ENOUGH VIRUS AND start to heal shame.

Ex Animo

yOU WILL enable the CONNECTion TO THE FORGOTTEN TRUTH ABOUT WHO YOU ARE that will help you to uncover your uniqueness and giftedness. You will discover the power of truth, connect to calmness and sacred space of your heart.

Ad Astra 

You will be able to recognize your true path of your life, reach towards the stars, explore new Possibilities And New Perception Of Your Existence. 

De Humo Ex Anima Ad Astra 

From your inner Depths of your soul new consciousness will arise to show you new perceptions of your existence and to offer you a gift of Future self.

Previous participants on the program and Katja’s work:

“Katja’s gentle approach allows for the process to begin. As the process continues, Katja senses and leads through her thoughtful questions and keen observation. The process is subtle yet profound. Katja’s workshops have been instrumental for me, giving me insight and revelation into my life. Katja process promotes healing and clarity of mind.” Angela

“The pleasure of getting to know yourself, it was intoxicating, when Katja led us into the depths of the subconscious, without it would be hard to live on, it’s too edible. On the program I got the feeling that I knew myself very well and that I was on the right track. I found a treasure that was waiting for me, which is very important and useful for me.” Alenka

“I was very surprised about the Power it came to me. I was not expecting my reaction. I found out, that I was on a very good and stable way for myself and that I have found my path. I felt no more grief, I felt a great power and the awareness, that I gained a great power growing through these processes.” Sabine

“I experienced strong insights into myself and a completely different perspective on my life, also as an artist.” Anja

“Katja saw a genius inside me. I don’t know how she did it, but her guiding opened up such a flame of intelligence in my heart! I feel and see myself in totally different way and I am recognizing my life path. I am continuing my self-exploration with her individually.” Nina

“The way of Katja’s guiding, pure harmony. It can be seen that what she says is part of her. I liked the energy, the high frequencies that was present and supportive. I was very relaxed on all the workshops.” Matthew

“All that I experienced in program led me to more fruitful and full life. Exercises to relax the nervous system, breathing with OM, yogic breathing, art processes and movement, special steps that led me to discover my soul … The combination helped me to realize my inner calling and gifts that are now supporting me in my life. Unforgettable.” Patrick

The steps of Ad Astra inner journey



Grounding and experiencing of being rooted will develop a sense of powerful self, inner stability, trust in your individual unique presence in life and a feeling of being safe in our body.



Healing the parts of inner self that remained unrecognized and became a cause of identity problems will develop a sense of centeredness and deep peace.



Opening and receiving energy of the heart will foster creativity, flow and intuition.



Experience of connection to inner dormant potentials and authenticity of the gifted self will lead you to understand you mission in this world.



Learning and accepting individual uniqueness in seeing and perceiving life and unique abilities in every one of us will help you to become more aware of the future self.



Implementing and using unique abilities in daily life will make you thrive and live fulfilled life.


6 intense and immense weekly workshops for gentle, yet profound inner processes, where you will restitute your forgotten gifts.

Deep and profound methods that will support your journey and that you can use all your life.

Astonishing discoveries about yourself that will help you reach the stars.

Personal approach and guidance from Katja that will propel your giftedness towards the sky.

Exploration of several modalities that will support you on social, emotional and cognitive level.

Additional support in closed community group, moderated by Katja, where you can ask questions, share reflections, get support and continue connection with your peers.

About Katja Ujčič

Katja Ujčič is a therapist for gifted, expressive art therapist, yoga therapist, executive coach and business consultant, who operates at the nexus of psychology & spirituality. She is the creator of the innovative approach on how to connect to inner giftedness, focus on potentials, develop and empower talents and thrive in creativity, innovation and invention. She firmly believes we are all bestowed with many gifts that we carry in our hearts. She is a founder and creator of Odyssea Ad Astra program and ‘The loop of Creation’ method that are awaking inner potentials, implementing them and enabling fulfilled life. She writes, lectures and mentors on international level and participates in groups, researches and communities for gifted all over the world. Recently, she participated in the research of giftedness as one of the 27 exceptional and profound gifted people from all over the world.

Stability in the heart. Calmness of the mind.

Higher intelligence. Sacredness of the soul. 


Do you dream to thrive IN LIFE NOT JUST SURVIVE DAY BY DAY?

Do you WANT TO actively PARTICIPATE IN building THE COMPASSIONATE, FAIR AND sustainable FUTURE for all?



Odyssea ad astra

From the inner depths to the stars.


  • 6 intensive weekly workshops.
  • Unique approach that supports all levels of your existence.
  • Personal guidance and practices.
  • Community guidance and practices.
  • Small number of participants.
  • Access to Private Facebook Group.
  • Lifetime Access.

Origin Story of Odyssea Ad Astra Program

Few years ago, I started my journey as a therapist for gifted to help and guide people, who felt lost and confused as I was as gifted person. All my life I was constantly rejected, misunderstood and considered overwhelming for my surroundings, because my mind, my heart, my energy was different, more complex and far more intense to handle.

It took me years of self-work and self-love to ground myself and get enough inner strength to start reaching to the stars with the supportive and unique power of my heart. I firmly stepped on my path to educate, help, develop, heal and guide people, who are willing to unleash their inner unique potentials and talents to stand for new world to come.

Odyssea  Ad Astra is an experimental program, based on wisdom, intuition, creativity and immense supportive energy, whose goal is gathering people, who are enthralled by their own complexity, complexity of the universe and are willing to dive into the unknown. It represents innovative self-reflection experiences that lead toward authentic self, where each voice, feeling, sense matter and thinking is stretch beyond time and space.

I believe Odyssea Ad Astra is an intense hero journey. But before we truly become our own inner Hero, we need to walk through unknown territory, fight the unseen evils and conquer the ancient battles of the dead. With As Astra program you will get an expert guidance, explore a sophisticated and unique methods and be part of the supportive group of like-minded friends.

Until recently, I shared my knowledge, experience and my own inner gifts, only to my individual clients. Today, our community is worldwide and growing quickly. I am excited for you to be a part of it.

Warmly welcome,

Katja Ujčič, Founder and Creator of the Odyssea Ad Astra program

Odyssea ad astra

From the inner depths to the stars.


  • 6 intensive weekly workshops.
  • Unique approach that supports all levels of your existence.
  • Personal guidance and practices.
  • Community guidance and practices.
  • Small number of participants.
  • Access to Private Facebook Group.
  • Lifetime Access.

Dear ones,

we live in rare and intensive times, that are full of confusion and instability. But at the same time, we are offered an amazing opportunity to make important steps to hold the Thread of Life for ourselves and the humanity. We are offered to be a Hero of our inner journey, address our insecurities, make lasting internal transformations and contribute to the changes of the world. 

It is not enough to be alive and to just have a dream. It takes more than daydreaming to become authentic and to live fulfilled life. It is enough to answer your inner calling and have a courage to join us! Odyssea Ad Astra is a program that truly changes you from within and confronts you with possibilities you never knew existed in you. Your true calling, your star, will reveal itself to you and empower you to follow the path of your giftedness. Ad Astra is a pioneering program with an unique approach that delivers and not just promises.

Do you dare to begin a journey of a lifetime? Welcome on board Odyssea Ad Astra. 

Katja Ujčič

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