unique program for

gifted women

Connect to your inborn intelligence. 

Embrace your true worth. 

Help change the world for the better.

A 6-week private group experience designed to support you in reconnecting to your inborn intelligence, give you a taste of your potential and create an abundance framework to uplevel your life.

Are you tired of despair and mundane life? 

JOIN NOW and exceed your limitations! 

Half of the identified gifted children in primary school are girls, but after secondary school the percentage drops by 25%.

Peers often reject gifted girls because of their androgyny.

The vast majority of gifted girls hide their talents because expectations of society or because they live in dysfunctional families. They become rebels or grey mice.

Most gifted adult women settle for far less than their true potential in their careers.

Gifted women find it harder to find a partner by 30%.

Gifted women are frequently ridiculed and rejected. Their atypical differences makes them feel like intruders.

Many gifted women are a threat to others. They hide their abilities, remain passive, settle for lower expectations and eventually forget about their own abilities and achievements.

6-week online Program for gifted women...

... is for extraordinary, courageous and creative women.

Characteristic of gifted women

  • Curiosity and energy - an unquenchable desire to know and understand more, an infinite number of questions for apparently simple things or events, the rejection of standard answers, the integration of ideas and information into new knowledge.
  • Hypersensitivity, overexcitabilities - gifted person perceives world in a more intense way and is often hypersensitive to smell, sound, the touch of rough fabric, etc.
  • Flexibility - they can adapt in life and shine in any environment.
  • Boredom - especially in routine tasks - is one of the first indicators of giftedness, both in adults and in children.
  • Subtlety and humor - gifted people often have the subtlety to perceive more than others (for example in a film, a situation, a story, etc.). They also have a particular humor that most people don't understand.
  • Speed - recognize and understand relationships and patterns in complex ideas and reassemble them faster than others.
  • Solitude - they enjoy solitude, because it allows them to organize their thoughts, patterns and systems in their minds, to try out new ideas.
  • Thought processes - they mostly work in a meta-pattern mindset.
  • Insomnia, androgyny, feelings of alienation, rejection, misunderstanding of interpersonal relationships...and many more.


Gifted women work and think faster, ask questions more persistently, disturb and annoy more people, and have more significant achievements and deep falls in life.

They may be completely paralyzed by their hardships and traumas and unable to express their talents at all.

The lack of recognition and neglect of giftedness and society's expectations means that many gifted women are 'dormant' because they do not recognize themselves as gifted.

That's where the Program for gifted women comes in.
It's time to reclaim and build a strong  foundation based on your true worth and inborn intelligence. 


  • you experience the world intensely and connect information in a different way than others;
  • you've been trying to integrate into society all your life, but you're not succeeding;
  • you claim you are not gifted and have a feeling you are never good enough; 
  • you can't find a partner and don't understand human relationships;
  • you struggle with femininity and sensuality; 
  • you feel alienated and misunderstood, may be also sinking into depression and anxiety; 
  • you are smarter and faster than your colleagues, but you don't want to expose yourself
  • you are hiding behind a mask of mediocrity, although you feel you have immense potential;
  • you realize that it's time to move on, to make your life meaningful and to contribute to a better future.

6 - WEEk PROGRAm for


Don't throw away your inner intelligence.

Claim your space in the world. 

Module 1: Understanding the complexity of giftedness

Exploring and understanding your inner sources of giftedness, intelligence and creativity. Understanding the neurobiological, emotional, mental and energetic needs of the gifted.

Modul 2: Mastering

Facing and solving the challenges in personal and professional life. Setting inner personal boundaries to feel more confident while facing the challenges, common to the gifted.

Modul 3: Self confidence

Maintaining a positive self confidence in a world that doesn't understand the complexity of giftedness. Helping to heal the hardships of gifted women, especially shame and quilt. Liberating from society's expectations of what femininity is.

Module 4: Balance

Creating life balance in family, parenting, career, friendships, interpersonal relationships according to your interests, strengths and limitations. Maintaining balance of mind, emotions and body.

Module 5: Discovering your individual gift

Discovering and recognizing your individual talents and embracing all their dimensions.

Modul 6: Life calling

Discovering the meaning and contribution of your unique talents to the needs of society at large. Developing the intuition, joy and authenticity to live the life of a gifted woman.


"After the profound and liberating processes with Katja, I realized my true purpose for existence. What is my purpose and what am I capable of. If there is anything important in life, it is to realize who you really are inside. It's no longer just about improving your life, it's about living your mission, your energy to the full. Living yourself on Earth is really possible." P., Slovenia

"I didn't know what to expect, so I gave in, all of me. I could not have imagined such a wonderful weekend. A remarkable journey into the deep inside. To SELF indeed. The process is strong and powerful at the same time, piercing yet awakening. It is not easy and the direction of the journey is not predictable, it requires courage to step over the edge of the "picture frame", it requires honesty in facing your truth and your fears... but it all happens in a safe way, in a safe environment, with the wonderful acceptance of the other participants and with the extraordinary professional, physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic support of Katja. Katja is an extraordinary therapist, with whom you feel that she really feels you, that she is actually travelling with you. I heartily recommend her to anyone who wants to get closer to themselves." Mojca, Slovenia

"Time and time again I was fascinated by how different techniques, different approaches bring out insights and deep insights. Thank you, dear Katja Ujčič , for helping us to discover the potential we carry within us. " Mateja, Ljubljana

"I am glad that I have become aware of certain shadows of my subconscious, as this feeling is extremely liberating. The group of participants was small and in two days we created a very good atmosphere, mutual support and feelings of safety, so that each participant could progress through his/her own process of finding pieces of his/her Soul, finally meeting it and integrating it into a part of Life. It is not possible to describe this in less poetic terms, because the process of the journey is really intense and profound. In this process, Katja guides each individual in an extremely gentle but firm way through various methods to insights into the fragments of their subconscious and, ultimately, to liberation. The group is supportive, but at the same time we all learn from each other. An extraordinary experience that gave me the confidence to trust my own creativity and intuition." Polona, Ljubljana

"I definitely healed through this program and I feel more full of myself now. I became more aware that I exist, I feel more embodied. I can do things in my life with more awareness, in a different way than before. Katja is some kind of a magician, it's hard to explain, she really feels your process and knows how to direct you in each moment. I like that she gives you feedback and support after each process. I loved this program because I enjoy the approach of healing through creativity and I liked the small group that felt very warm and acceptable to me. I truly recommend this experience!" Anja, Slovenia

"Katja's knowledge, energy and support are like a gentle river that leads you safely to the ocean. And at the right moments, she surprises you with her directness and determination, like a strong current that carries you over obstacles you cannot overcome alone." Polona, Ljubljana


Doubting your giftedness is the most common sign of gifted people. 

Check again.

As a child, did you ask questions that no one could answer?
Were you extremely shy as a child?
Did you sit in the back of the class at school?
Did you feel like you were 'too much' for others?

Are you struggling with how to be feminine?
Do you dress more like a boy?
Do you prefer to stay up late into the night reading books or researching about space, psychology or human cells rather than looking for the best dress, shoes or cosmetics?

Do you see the truth and always try to pursue it?
Do you find it difficult to work in very rigid, traditional and hierarchical relationships?
Do you find it difficult to talk about everyday things, but when it comes to your field of expertise, you start to sparkle?

Have you found it difficult (if at all) to find a partner?
In a partnership, do you never expect help and do everything yourself?
Are you afraid of losing your partner?
Do you find it difficult to be at social gatherings where several people chat casually and you hide in a corner?

Are you very self-critical?
Do you feel uncomfortable in your body?
Do you feel that you are never good enough?
Do you feel sad deep down inside, but you don't know what for?

Did you answer with YES to most of the questions? 

Then you are invited to join the Program for gifted women.

Your giftedness matters!

Program is an experience designed to give atypical women what they need to create a lifetime breakthrough.

6-week online Program for


DATE: The exact start date in 2023 will be announced soon. Sign in for my newsletter and be the first to know about the next entry. 


REGISTRATION: [email protected] 

VALUE: 1.800€ (also includes one individual session with me). 

The program contains intensive group and individual processes; on each weekly workshop all participants receive personal feedback. Furthermore, participants receive practical tools and structure to help align with their unique gifts from where they will be able to create. Experience in the Program includes:

  • working on reconnecting to giftedness;
  • developing self-confidence;
  • transforming limiting beliefs and habits;
  • taking practical steps in life to gain clarity and the ability to take action to thrive.

The number of places is limited due to the personal approach.

Your application will be confirmed after payment. Additional instruction will be sent upon registration. You agree to the General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy by registering.

Katja Ujcic explores these questions, and more, in a 6-week deep dive into the psychology and development of gifted women. Don't miss this limited-spaces opportunity! Our capacity to shine brightly, to re-engender those squandered aspects of our being is within reach, facilitated by a brilliant, compassionate and sensitive teacher.

Patricia Susan Jackson  

CEO and Founder of The Daimon Institute for the Highly Gifted


Embrace your true worth, connect to your inborn intelligence, and make an impact.



  • 6 weekly workshops, each week new module with Katja Ujčič.
  • Unique approach that supports all levels of your existence.
  • Unique methods that will support your journey and that you can use all your life. 
  • Personal guidance and practices.
  • Community guidance and practices.
  • Small number of participants.
  • Access to Private Facebook Group.
  • One individual session with Katja Ujčič (90 minutes).


  • Discover your giftedness's implicit strengths and weaknesses and learn how to leverage them for your success. 
  • Improve your ability to deal with and understand those around you who are different from you.
  • Discover how your giftedness can lead to depression and anxiety and what you can do to prevent them.
  • Unveil your path toward your gifts and talents and open your heart to hear your life's purpose calling.
  • Get valuable insights that will help you improve many aspects of your life, from career advancement and personal development to spiritual progress.

Embrace your true worth, connect to your inborn intelligence, and make an impact.


  • 6 weekly workshops, each week new module with Katja Ujčič.
  • Unique approach that supports all levels of your existence.
  • Unique methods that will support your journey and that you can use all your life. 
  • Personal guidance and practices.
  • Community guidance and practices.
  • Small number of participants.
  • Access to Private Facebook Group.
  • One individual session with Katja Ujčič (90 minutes).

Dear Ladies,

we live in rare and intense times when we often feel confused and unsafe. We are questioning our values, life in general, and our purpose in life. Yet, at the same time, it is at times like these that we have an incredible opportunity to take essential steps in our lives. We can become heroines of our inner journey, discover our mission and contribute to the change in the world that we want so much.

An important part of the current situation is the reluctance and inability to recognize our inborn giftedness. It is imperative to recognize, accept and nurture our giftedness. We need to enable the development of as many talented and capable women as possible, empowered to the point where they can change the world.

Most gifted girls bury their giftedness deep in their subconscious because of the demands and expectations of society. For example, did you know that intelligent women are 30 percent less likely to find a suitable partner? So it's not enough to dream of better times. To become authentic and live a fulfilled life, we need to embark on a journey of exploration of our inner self-realization.

I have helped many gifted people worldwide, and I believe that now is the time for humanity to expand its consciousness and embark on the path of a revolution of consciousness.

The program for gifted women is designed for all who want to explore, discover and embrace giftedness and learn integrative approaches that will support your intensity and personal growth. Furthermore, it will help and guide you to heal the wound of the giftedness, especially shame and quilt, in a supportive group of gifted women, where you will feel safe, wanted, and understood.

I invite women who feel that the time has come for an inner personal change and a change in the consciousness of humanity to join the Program for gifted women.

Katja Ujčič

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