Become empowered by awakening and 
mastering your inborn giftedness. 

"The world needs all the geniuses it can get." 
Desmond Tutu, Nobel peace prize winner

Reach the next level of yourself & your life's purpose

by awakening and activating your inborn intelligence & potential.

Master your life by implementing your giftedness in all areas of your life.

Katja Ujčič

Katja Ujčič helps multi-talented, highly gifted, creative adults and children, entrepreneurs, and business owners live more fully by understanding themselves and their inborn giftedness and intelligence. Under Katja's guidance, they achieve personal, professional, and creative success by learning to make the most of their talents, intelligence, and abilities.

As a highly gifted child, Katja did not...

More about Katja...

Do you wish to align with your inner genius?

READY TO live smarter?


You may be questioning your giftedness right now and feel confused about it.

Or you are already living your potential but want to deepen your understanding of your higher intelligence and creative flow.

Your inborn gifts can make a difference.

GIFTEDNESS is in your DNA, and it always will be. But to awaken and master it, we need to address it holistically. 

That's where I come in. 

Let me help you navigate the challenges of reconnecting to your potential and shifting your life toward authenticity, clarity, and purpose.

Together we will build a personal & professional strategy tailored to your unique needs to make your life a masterpiece. 



Your higher intelligence is your Holy Grail.

HG program for highly gifted adults will help you connect to your intelligence, identify your gifts and talents, and direct you towards clarity, dedication, and direction of your life's purpose.

A unique holistic individual approach will not just enable you to daily use your giftedness in your private and professional life but also become a springboard for lasting change in life.


Let the talents thrive!

HG program for gifted children & teenagers helps identify, develop and nourish a child's gifts and talents. It is designed to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities.

The individual program meets a child's gifted needs, establishes a supportive inner structure, and enables spontaneity, but mostly it is designed to have fun.


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A deep journey from the inner depths of the soul to the stars of the future. 

A unique 6-week online program for people who want to reconnect to their inner gifts to help build a better future—an experimental journey where your gifted needs will be met.


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Step out from the conventional role of a woman and embrace true calling.

A unique 6-week online program for women who hear the calling of the inner sparkle and are ready to exceed their limitations but afraid to step on the path alone.


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Exclusive inner dive within the embrace of nature.  

Rest allows us to deepen understanding, embody the truth and integrate experiences. It enables reset, so we can firmly embark on a life with the Purpose. 

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