"We live in rare and intense times full of confusion and instability. But at the same time, we are offered an amazing opportunity to take the necessary steps to address our insecurities, make lasting internal transformations and contribute to the changes in the world. It takes more than daydreaming to become authentic and live a fulfilled life. It is enough to answer your inner calling and have the courage to step on the path of your destiny. Don't lose time; the world is changing fast! You can follow it if you evolve at the same speed. You will thrive in it if you are one step further."

Katja Ujčič

Katja Ujčič helps multi-talented, highly gifted, creative adults and children, entrepreneurs, and business owners live more fully by understanding themselves and their inborn giftedness and intelligence. Under Katja's guidance, they achieve personal, professional, and creative success by learning to make the most of their talents, intelligence, and abilities.
Her holistic and personalized approach helps awaken, develop, and enable inborn intelligence, talents, and giftedness. She intertwines many fields of her expertise, including the most powerful unique method she developed working with gifted, which helps discover and support giftedness in adults and children.

She dedicated her life to changing lives by empowering giftedness and intelligence locked in DNA. As a highly gifted child, she did not have the opportunity to develop her giftedness and experience with proper guidance and support. As a result, in her life, she was constantly trying to reinvent her life's purpose and understand the true nature of her intensiveness. Katja studied in many fields of her interest and worked in demanding and responsible jobs. Her curiosity led her to dive deep into her most raw yet subtle inner structures, where she awakened her giftedness. She experienced profound inner transformation and discovered the body/mind/soul system that powers the giftedness and higher intelligence in each of us.

Due to her personal experience as a gifted person, she decided to help all, who feel confused, alienated and misunderstood, but at the same time, they feel a strong inner calling, a spark, on the journey to self-discovery to become clear and focused on their purpose in life and contribute to the better world. She offers a space for those already recognized as gifted and those not yet 'recognized' as such to express their creative potential and socialize with similarly intense individuals.

Katja believes that each of us is gifted because each of us has a unique genetic code, so when working with her clients from all over the world, she pursues the goal of bringing each person to unleash their talents dormant in their DNA.

Katja's unique approach is both intuitive and highly practical. It is a merge not just from years of experience of her deep practice but also from years of intensive study and practice of expressive arts, psychology of Carl Gustav Jung, yoga therapy, and gifted therapy. Her revolutionary framework is suitable for adults, children, and the top innovators, artists, and beginners. Moreover, Katja seeks to create a profound experience for those longing to express their deepest sparkle with open, fierce, and loving hearts.

Katja is a founder and CEO of the Institute for development and research of giftedness and is actively involved in international gifted groups and works with global therapists, institutes, and gifted communities.

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