"We live in rare and intense times full of confusion and instability. But at the same time, we are offered an amazing opportunity to take the necessary steps to address our insecurities, make lasting internal transformations and contribute to the changes in the world. It takes more than daydreaming to become authentic and live a fulfilled life. It is enough to answer your inner calling and have the courage to step on the path of your destiny. Don't lose time; the world is changing fast! You can follow it if you evolve at the same speed. You will thrive in it if you are one step further."

Katja Ujčič

Katja Ujčič's mission is to empower multi-talented, highly gifted, and creative individuals of all ages, from children to adults, as well as entrepreneurs and business owners, to live their lives to the fullest. Through her guidance, they gain a deep understanding of their inherent talents and intelligence, enabling them to achieve personal, professional, and creative success by harnessing their unique abilities.

Her holistic and personalized approach is designed to awaken, develop, and unleash inborn intelligence, talents, and giftedness. Katja seamlessly integrates her expertise from various fields, including a powerful and unique method she has developed specifically for working with gifted individuals, helping them discover and nurture their exceptional gifts.

Katja's dedication to her work stems from her personal journey as a highly gifted child who lacked the guidance and support needed to nurture her innate talents. This led her to constantly seek her life's purpose and delve into the depths of her intensiveness. She explored various fields of interest and held demanding, responsible roles, all while nurturing her insatiable curiosity. This exploration led to her profound inner transformation and the discovery of the body/mind/soul system that fuels giftedness and higher intelligence within each of us.

Drawing from her own experiences as a gifted individual, Katja has made it her mission to help those who often feel lost, alienated, and misunderstood, yet possess an inner spark driving them toward self-discovery and a meaningful contribution to the world. She provides a safe space for both recognized and yet-to-be-recognized gifted individuals to express their creative potential and connect with like-minded, intense individuals.

Katja's approach is a harmonious blend of intuition and practicality, born from years of deep practice and extensive study of expressive arts, Carl Gustav Jung's psychology, yoga therapy, and gifted therapy. Her innovative framework caters to a wide range of clients, including adults, children, innovators, artists, CEO's, as well as beginners. Katja strives to create a transformative experience for those who yearn to express their inner brilliance with open, fearless, and loving hearts.

As the founder and CEO of
 GeniusX, the Institute for the Development and Research of Giftedness, Katja actively participates in international gifted groups, collaborates with global therapists, institutions, and gifted communities, and engages in EU projects related to giftedness. She's a passionate advocate for greater understanding and support for gifted individuals and their families, not only in educational and mental health settings but also in business and society. Katja collaborates with various international institutions, companies, and individuals within the giftedness domain and participates in humanitarian initiatives to support gifted children from underprivileged backgrounds. She is also a member of the International High IQ Society, an active member of the Art Therapy & Giftedness interest group within the European Federation of Art Therapy, member of Syncritic Institute and a collaborative member of the Daimon Institute for Highly Gifted.

Beyond her work, Katja is a ballet dancer and a devoted yoga enthusiast. She finds joy in painting and relishes long walks in nature.

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