A 20-minute free call with Katja was more insightful than years of therapy. Unbelievable. She immediately knew what I needed and where I was strong. I felt understood, validated, and finally got some peace. I am looking forward to working with her.

- Caitlin, USA - 

During the process with Katja I got to know myself more, I discovered my qualities and rebuilt my self-esteem. Because of her I’m not afraid to step out of my comfort zone and I believe I can achieve anything I want to. Thanks to her guidance, I do not understand better only myself, but also the people surrounding me. With her intuition and love for what she does she truly helps you to become the best version of yourself.

- Zala, Slovenia - 

Working with Katja helped me understand myself, my insecurities and potentials/talents and implement necessary steps to achieve changes I did not dream possible before. It literally made my life easier. Before I started I was afraid to uncover some of my deepest shadows, but Katja's gentle approach guides you through your journey at a pace that's best for you and helps you grow into your authentic self. Many "aha" moments, not a single session where I would doubt or question the significance of our get together, even though some of the approaches have been new to me and my "conservative" mind needed a bit of extra time to open up :)

- Ava, Ljubljana - 

#1 See self and surroundings

Have come home in my body. Body is my home. Have found my centre. When I start to worry about what to do ....or where to go...I can come home, back to centre. 

#2 Transformation

Have come to know about the  outward tentacles that were driving me and also my life. Focus has been to Turn inward toward my centre. Remember and feel more content.

#3 There is an inner knowing uniquely mine. 

That can not be told to me by others. I get to unpack it myself. As I take the time to honour, know and accept myself and all the layers...life and living becomes magic. What was dead becomes alive. All that I felt was lost or that I was searching for becomes found withIN.

#4 Contribution

Finding centre. Coming home in my body.  Gaining momentum to live MY life. Connecting to my Greatness. 

- Rachel, Canada - 

We turned to Katja at a time when Maja, my daughter, was in a state where she could not see the meaning of life anymore. Already after our first visit together, I had the feeling that Maja accepted Katja and allow her to find herself. She also helped me to learn to accept a different perspective on my daughter's life. Maja has started to realise and see the good things about herself, she has also become less sensitive about her surroundings. She is also slowly overcoming the fear that her feelings are changing for the better and that there is nothing wrong with her. I am very happy that even once she did not think of not going to a lesson with Katja, which means that they have really created a trusting relationship and that Maja sees that Katja can help her. I am glad that we have found her and that she is helping Maja, me and therefore the whole family to better understand the difference in each one of us.

- Simona, Slovenia - 

I don't know how to write it down, but my whole existence gained the purpose. It is so liberating. Knowing my genetic potential, its blockades and up's and down's, and how to manage all this energy. It is worth of treasure. I recommend. 

- Pablo, Italy - 

I am slowly coming to terms that I am gifted. It took me a long time, but without Katja, it would not be impossible. She really knew my giftedness and is incredibly intune with me. It took just one word from her and my giftedness infoled in front of me. This journey was life changing for me, I became not a better version, but truly who I was supposed to be in the first place. 

- Linda, Croatia - 

I have been working with Katja for quite a few years. In that time, I can say that my life has improved a lot. I came to Katja when I was in a deep personal crisis. First she helped me to pick myself up, to start looking at life or problems differently. I can say that this made my life much easier. Then, through workshops and also through individual therapy, I slowly started to get to know myself, who I am, what my higher self is, what my gifts are. The more I get to know myself, the more beautiful life becomes. There is something beautiful when someone tells you that you have a gift, that you are gifted. That way you can start to appreciate yourself more. Now I am on the way to accepting my gift completely, so that maybe one day I will be able to tell someone: Yes, I am gifted... Thank you for everything, Katja, and I look forward to working with you further on.

- Helena, Slovenia - 

Katja Ujčič is a very smart woman. She is very emphatic, has great knowledge and she is guiding her clients very soft and supporting through this process. She is able to estimate what is happening in every moment. She is asking very carefully and supporting questions, without pushing somebody. The music she is offering during this process is very touching. During the private session she took a lot of time to analyze with me, what happened. The relationship between her and me is full of confidence and I feel safe to talk about everything. She is full of heart energy and during the whole process I feel carried by a positive power, because we can laugh together, even if the topics are dark or heavy. It was an amazing experience to do these workshops and I am sure, that I will go on working with her.

-Sabine, Germany - 

Participating in the program and private session with Katja Ujčič has been transformative for me.  Katja's gentle approach allows for the process to begin. As the process continues, Katja senses and leads through her thoughtful questions and keen observation. The process is subtle yet profound. Katja's workshops have been instrumental for me, giving me insight and revelation into my life. Katja process promotes healing and clarity of mind. 

 - Angela, Canada - 

For me, a great transformation has taken place. Now I am readjusting to my life changes. And I need time for it to settle down. I need time to start believing that this is true. Because sometimes I wake up in the morning and I wonder if I dreamt it.

- Alenka, Koper -

I couldn't sleep after yesterday's session, there was so much going on...therefore, I wrote a song.

The truth

There is only one truth.

Buried deep inside us.

And it's waiting.


Waiting to be awakened.

And freed.

Then she will fly.

She will blossom.

She will be a joy.

And there will be happiness.

There will be light.

There will be freedom.

- Helena, Slovenia - 

I never image that something like this is possible. That I truly connected, rediscover my true giftedness and also my calling. It was so clear and it sank so deeply in my heart. It is true magic. I know now, why my life unfolded as it is. Each step was a new station, so I can come to the point of revelation of my purpose of living. I wish all people would experience this.

- Nuša, Slovenia -

It came from my genes. My talent. I understood my powers immediately. It is so funny, one day you don't know, the other you know. What is your job here and your advantages and strengths. So empowering really. 

- Petra, Dubai - 

The process took me so deep that I was very surprised. In a safe environment, I allowed myself to feel the pain and "pour" it out. The process was very liberating, but what is most important to me is the transformation that followed, as I was also able to heal the wound. Katja is not only a highly professional therapist, she is above all a person with a great desire to help a fellow human being, extremely warm-hearted, compassionate and intuitive. Her subtle perception, through which she monitors the client's events, gives a person a sense of security, acceptance, visibility. It seems as if everything is happening in a natural flow, to the depth to which man is willing to go, with just the right amount of tenderness and encouragement. Invaluable experience, not only that, after this process I am actually different. Gone is the great measure of old grief and wounding. How very true it is when you change, the world around you changes. 

- Katja, Ljubljana -

I definitely healed through this program and I feel more full of myself now. I became more aware that I exist, I feel more embodied. I can do things in my life with more awareness, in a different way than before. Katja is some kind of a magician, it's hard to explain, she really feels your process and knows how to direct you in each moment. I like that she gives you feedback and support after each process. I loved this program because I enjoy the approach of healing through creativity and I liked the small group that felt very warm and acceptable to me. I truly recommend this experience!

- Anja, Slovenia -

What a change in me! I also noticed that I have a different colour on my face....More vivid!

- T. -

I am glad that I have become aware of certain shadows of my subconscious, as this feeling is extremely liberating. The group of participants was small and in two days we created a very good atmosphere, mutual support and feelings of safety, so that each participant could progress through his/her own process of finding pieces of his/her Soul, finally meeting it and integrating it into a part of Life. It is not possible to describe this in less poetic terms, because the process of the journey is really intense and profound. In this process, Katja guides each individual in an extremely gentle but firm way through various methods to insights into the fragments of their subconscious and, ultimately, to liberation. The group is supportive, but at the same time we all learn from each other. An extraordinary experience that gave me the confidence to trust my own creativity and intuition.

- Polona, Ljubljana  -

I didn't know what to expect, so I gave in, all of me. I could not have imagined such a wonderful weekend. A remarkable journey into the deep inside. To SELF indeed. The process is strong and powerful at the same time, piercing yet awakening. It is not easy and the direction of the journey is not predictable, it requires courage to step over the edge of the "picture frame", it requires honesty in facing your truth and your fears... but it all happens in a safe way, in a safe environment, with the wonderful acceptance of the other participants and with the extraordinary professional, physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic support of Katja. Katja is an extraordinary therapist, with whom you feel that she really feels you, that she is actually travelling with you. I heartily recommend her to anyone who wants to get closer to themselves.

- Mojca, Slovenia -

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