~ Your intelligence is your Holy Grail. ~

Discover the infinite potential of your inborn intelligence.

Gain clarity about your life's purpose and focus on what you were born to do.

Build lasting success and make a positive impact in life. 

You may be feeling a little bit quirky because you are experiencing the world around you differently than others. And it might be that you feel lonely because no one understands you. Do you often question yourself, why is everyone telling you that you are too sensitive? Or imagine living on another planet would be better for you?

Have you ever considered yourself gifted?

A new way TO understand giftedness

Giftedness is not just a high IQ score or playing piano at four years. Or outperform and excel in everything.

Giftedness is an umbrella where potential, talents, intelligence, creativity, inspiration, and intuition meet. It is the overexcitabilities, intensities, perfectionism, emotional complexity, and midnight storm of ideas and inspirations, but also it is loneliness, boredom, lack of support, and procrastination.

It is THE GIFT to tap into new dimensions, to connect numerous information into emerging solutions, and ability to create. It is a meta-mind, born to influence the future.

Giftedness is the higher awareness and deeper perception, with the ability to create, innovate and influence.

A level of self-awareness is required to hear and listen to your intelligence, your inner sparkle, and a great deal of support to awaken and activate it and create a more meaningful life; therefore, it needs to be addressed in a holistic way with intuitive awareness, open heart, and realistic approach.

That's where I come in. 


HG program for adults is designed to help and guide highly gifted people, who:

1 - are aware of their giftedness and are looking for guidance to the next level of their potentials & possibilities


2 - are yet not aware of their hidden gifts, but they feel the inner spark, the calling, and are looking for an expert guide to help them awake their inborn intelligence and master their life. 

You are a perfect match for HG program, if:

You believe you are not gifted and have a feeling no one understands you. 


You experience the world intensely, but at the same time you are bored.

You shine in your field of work, but you feel lonely.

You are an inventor, artist, creator who is searching for new ideas and creative flow.

You perceive information in a unique way and connect them in numerous nuances.


You feel the inner spark, the calling, but you are confused how to express it. 

 Are you ready to unlock your inborn intelligence and live purposefully?

Benefits of the HG program

  • first-aid for your most urgent problems,   
  • awakening and activating your inner genius & intelligence ,
  • gaining clarity and focus on who you are and what your life purpose is,
  • managing your intensity, hypersensibility and creative energy,
  • exploring your limited beliefs and transforming them to the pillars of support ,
  • building trust, boosting self-confidence and improving self-esteem,
  • discovering infinite potential of your higher intelligence, intuition and creativity,
  • mastering your giftedness - from ideas to creations,
  • create a personal & professional strategy to live smarter,
  • gaining a unique advantage that is rarely achieved,
  • empowering ito create a successful and fulfilling life your desire and be an inspiration to others.

LIFE IS SIMPLE IF WE FOllow our unique purpose

 Are you ready to be empowered by your most valuable assets?



INTELLECT: extreme curiosity, love of knowledge and learning, search for truth, understanding of content, research, introspection, love of theory and analysis, independent thinking.

deep and intense emotions, wide emotional palette, caring for others, deep sense of justice, sense of injustice and hypocrisy, empathy, responsibility, self-reflection, tendency to feelings of guilt, anxiety, depression, loneliness.

accuracy of visualization, vivid, strong dreams, fantasizing, creativity, invention, love of music and art, good sense of humor, interest in the unusual and original, fear of the unknown.

increased sensory perception through the senses, love of beauty, the need for comfort, in distress expression through the senses e.g. overeating.

physical expression of emotions, excess energy, intense physical activity, competition, fast speech, restlessness in the body, nervous habits and tics, impulsivity, quick reactions.

spontaneous meditations, extraordinary intuition, spiritual experiences, perception of the world as one, ‘peak experiences’, feeling of all-encompassing vibrating energy, connection with nature, people and everything around you, wisdom, compassion and grace.

(by Kazimierz Dąbrowski, Polish psychologist)


High IQ is not an indicator for giftedness.


  • Active cognitive function and rapid comprehension.
  • Deep inner intelligence and creative imagination.     
  • Intuitive understanding of the basics and a need to understand the deeper meaning.
  • Meta and abstract thinking.
  • Creativity, innovation, intuition.    
  • Emotional depth and sensitivity.
  • Ethics and morality.
  • Clarity, empathy and humor.
  • Immense imagination, capability of creating new worlds, language, stories, arts.
  • Ability to see infinitely different possibilities, nuances, solutions.
  • Self-aware, socially aware, and aware of global issues.


  • Rejection and denial of giftedness.
  • Creative blockades.
  • Perfectionism.
  • Feelings of alienation and misunderstanding, depression and anxiety.
  • Emotional numbness, loneliness.
  • Inability to establish genuine human relationships, 
  • Inability to have clear insight and determination.
  • Difficulties in daily tasks, excessive adaptation to others and society.
  • Hate rutine.
  • Unrecognized boredom.

Are you ready to align to your genius and master your life?


HG program for adults is an individual online program specially adapted to help you connect to your inner potentials and support your gifted needs so that you can uplevel your life and make an impact.
In a one-to-one program, we meet twice per month for 90-minutes. For best results, regular attendance is required.

No high-scored IQ tests or gifted assessments are needed. No high achievements, winning awards, or excellent school grades are necessary to join the program.

Book a free 20-minute call, so we can discuss what suits you best. I am looking forward to speaking to you!

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration.

I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.” 

Nikola Tesla

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