~ Let the gifts thrive! ~

They can be quiet and live in their inner world, be loud, articulate, and excel in all areas, or appear incompetent and indifferent to school or life. Due to their specific neurodiversity, emotional, and energetic inner structure, gifted children & teenagers have special needs that are rarely properly met - intellectual, emotional, social, moral, and needs in the areas of their talent.

Who are highly gifted children? 

Creative, compassionate, attentive, focused, but also perfectionist, highly sensitive. Due to asynchronous development and inner gifted traumas, they experience peer and family relational struggles. Their cognitive complexity, emotional intensity, physical and artistic talents, and amazing imagination make them extraordinary, intense, and beyond time, space and understanding.

Other characteristics of a gifted child:

  • cognitive capacity,   
  • extraordinary sensitivity,
  • intensities,
  • insatiable curiosity,
  • humor,
  • boredom, boredom, boredom,
  • driven in the field of their interest,
  • have heightened awareness of who they are,
  • connecting information to new solutions,
  • creating enormous amount of nuances,
  • hate routine. 

Why do they need our help?

Their inner world is fragile and diverse; sometimes is very sophisticated and intellectual, sometimes raw, robust, and challenging, which makes gifted children & teens anxious, depressed, and confused.

Due to peer and family pressure, they box themselves to fit the social role, so their suppressed gifts become immense inner energy, locked in subconsciousness, that they can't handle. This internal struggle can confuse them about who they are and further contribute to their dissatisfaction in life.

While attaining their special needs, validating their inner world, and understanding their intensities, you can bring your child's world to life, help them live more purposefully, and have more fun.

"We can not put the storm into a paper box as we can not box gifted children in the rules of society. It can never be done. We must give them support for them to live in a creative flow and change the world for the better."

Katja Ujčič

The benefits of HG program for children & teens


  • recognizing and nourishing child's talents, strengths and weaknesses,
  • managing intensities that accompany giftedness,
  • developing critical thinking, decision making and problem-solving abilities,
  • managing peer and family relationships, 
  • accepting oneself as gifted.
  • having fun.


HG program for children & teenagers is an individual online program specially adapted to help connect to and support giftedness in children & teenagers. In a one-to-one program, we meet twice per month for 60-minutes. At the beginning of the sessions, the attendance of a parent is required.

No high-scored IQ tests or gifted assessments are needed. No high achievements, winning awards, or excellent school grades are necessary to join the program.

Book a free 20-minute call, so we can discuss what suits the best for your child. I am looking forward to talking to you!

"... as much as the world has benefited from the contributions of gifted individuals, it is disturbing...to realize that the population least likely to learn and achieve its potential is the highly gifted." 

Joseph Cardillo

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