Why do gifted people remain in the swamp of stagnation?

Recent research shows that the brains of geniuses work differently. In the book Growing up Gifted, Dr. Barbara Clark explains the biological deviations in the brains of above-average gifted people.

We perceive the world through our senses. Touch, smell, hear, taste, and sight are helpful assistants in creating our inner world. However, in ancient times, our ancestors recognized an additional one – intuition. Modern science still does not acknowledge intuition, although every invention, innovation, idea, solution, and creation is made with the help of the individual’s intuitive abilities. Nikola Tesla spoke clearly about it when he said that his brain was only a receiver of information emanating from the all-embracing intelligence of the universe.

Richer brain activity 

Brains are biocomputers that process information using interconnected neurons in infinitely complex patterns. An electrical impulse that travels through synapses generates the flow between neurons. The faster information travels, the more ‘electrical communication’ is established, and more biochemically reacher brains become, resulting to even more complex networks and mind patterns. The researchers discovered that the brains of gifted people are electrically richer and more complex. The brain of a genius is faster and can understand more complex patterns, ideas, and situations.

Brain wave measurements have shown that the brains of gifted people are more synchronized and coherent in the integration of the two hemispheres, the left hemisphere, which is linear, verbal, and oriented towards analytical results, and the right hemisphere, which is more intuitive, creative and imaginative. Greater coherence between the two hemispheres results in greater capacity and functionality of the gifts. The more synchronized both hemispheres are, the more integration arises, and the more gifted a person is. Yogic psychology calls this phenomenon intuition or connection to higher intelligence.

Every time a gifted person is distracted from creative flow, from the coherence of both hemispheres, the whole mental/energetical composition collapses before it reaches its destination or solution, and the person is robbed of a sense of accomplishment. Therefore, the gifted should create in a peaceful environment and regularly take time for contemplation to achieve a sense of fulfillment.

The most primitive part of the brain is the reptilian brain, which regulates the physical state and is responsible for the autonomic functioning of our body: breathing, heartbeat, sleep, and circulation. The more advanced mammalian brain contains the limbic system, which regulates emotions: anger, rage, fear, happiness… The third part of the brain, unique to the human race, is the neocortex, which processes information: planning, language, analysis, memory… While thinking is located on the left side of the brain, emotional triggers are located in the limbic system, deep in the mammalian brain. The fluidity between all three parts, the reptilian part, which allows us to exist and be physically well, the limbic part, where the emotions are, and the neocortex, is essential for manageable existence. All three parts have to integrate all information actively. Dr. Barbara Clark says that the triggers that close the flow are emotions like boredom, lurking danger, and anxiety. Meanwhile, the triggers that open the gates of the flow are pleasure and challenge.

In my experience with gifted & creative clients, I discovered two languages that serve the most in healing the gifted wound. Expressive art therapy does wonders in awakening and embracing our giftedness and intelligence, while yoga therapy gives stability and encourages creative flow. The ancient techniques will balance the left and right halves of the brain and establish a fluidity between different brain parts; therefore, the creative energy will flow effortlessly. All my clients benefit from both methods, but mostly from my intuition and expert support.

Discarded unlimited potential

Intelligence is genetic and a matter of providing a young mind with enough proper food, nurturing, support, validation, and recognition. Without later, the genetic blueprint will not be developed and explored in all its potential. Moreover, deprivation of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual support can lead to ‘disability.’ In fact, ‘disabled’ carries at its very root the true origin of trauma: an ‘in-valid,’ that is, someone whose needs, desires, and opinions have not been validated. Disability in gifted and creative people appears because their needs differ due to different brain structures and activities; the brain perceives, processes, and generates information differently.

The vast majority of undiscovered gifted people have suppressed and hidden their gifts to avoid conflict and be accepted in society, where they could not be understood. Due to their asynchronistic development and feelings of being misunderstood, they adopt low self-esteem and low self-worth, which is the opposite of the truth. The primary instinct of a child is to belong to a family, to a caregiver, to fit in; otherwise, their instinct tells them they will not survive. Therefore, most gifted needs are unmet, and the gifted subconsciously accept their ‘disabled’ life as the only option.

No space for us!

Many gifted people are reluctant to be labeled gifted because they have not done anything to show that excellence yet. They could have had poor grades at school, perhaps even learning disabilities, or not taken an IQ test, and others who just do not want to carry the stigma of being different and want to blend into the swamp of mediocracy.

Many are experiencing boredom as if their brains are rotting. Deprivation of appropriate stimulus can lead to emotional stress and, even more, to the destruction of motivation. As a result, it often happens that a first-class genius soon falls into mediocrity and lands hard. Therefore, recognizing giftedness in children and adults is critical, but activating and managing it is even more important. Consequently, it is necessary to find out what information is stimulating for a gifted child/adult, help develop giftedness and feed the mind simultaneously.

The gifted are also quicker to ‘figure out’ situations and people. As a result, their feedback is faster, more precise, and closer to the truth, for example, humor with richness and deepness that is hardly understood by many. Whoever laughs at my jokes understands me is a common feeling among gifted people. In an unbearable cloud of boredom, I have often joked at my own expense, declaring it as ‘ a damn good’ joke, even if no one understood it. Sometimes I would laugh for days, realizing how incredibly talented I am at making a good joke or remark. But like any gifted person, I missed having the right audience to understand my jokes and contribute to the conversation to become even more enjoyable.

Often I was speechless because of the speed of my mind and the slowness of my mouth. Many people are familiar with the situation when the mind runs off into its world, expressively composes new insights, and is already 1000 steps ahead of the spoken words. So I often just sat in silence because there was no time or space for me – most often in groups, even therapeutic groups.

My multidimensional story

In primary school, I was tested as an exceptionally gifted child, with the highest-ranked IQ score among generations in the district where I spent my childhood. It was a big surprise for everyone, especially me. No one ever thought I was so gifted. At that time, I had no idea what it meant, how to behave, and what it entailed. After the surprise calmed down, nothing followed.

My giftedness was swept under the carpet, and I struggled with my inner emotional traumas due to my dysfunctional environment. With my deep emotional wounds, deepened by my gifted perception and intuition, life always brought people who wounded me even more. Finally, in my late thirties, when severe disintegration of my personality started, I decided to get help. After several years of individual therapy for the gifted, intensive psychological and therapeutic studies and training, and many years of yoga practice, I was able to awaken and active my giftedness and follow the persistent calling of my life’s purpose. I resurrected. I have dedicated my life to helping and supporting the misunderstood, forgotten, and confused gifted people, whose advanced and intense inner world, visions, and creations are immeasurable and extremely important for their and humanity’s future.

First air for gifted wound

We are not aliens, fools, nerds, or utterly useless to society. On the contrary, we are intense, demanding, oversensitive, deep thinkers and bearers of the future. Is there any way to activate and use your giftedness to reach new possibilities?

Consciously accepting your gift is the first step you need to take. By embracing it, you can dive into your rich inner world, understand and manage emotional reactions and build a normal social life. The next step is an evaluation of your values. Which values still serve you and which don’t? Which part of you is authentic, and which part is so afraid of the rejection of others that it hides under the defense of shame, fear, and quilt? The mountains on the self-growth journey are high, and the conditions are not very favorable, but you can get the tools to survive and are not alone. The third step is to manage your limitations and fears, your needs and desires, and allow your potential to stand out and live with full integrity.

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