We have lost our sense of purpose in life

You are probably familiar with the film trilogy The Lord of the Rings. It is a story about the heavy burden of the individual, a brotherhood that does not give up, severe trials, friendship, and trust in the good. In the first part of the Fellowship of the Ring trilogy, the wizard Gandalf encourages the hobbit Frodo by saying: “We decide what to do with the time we are given.”

I have noticed lately that the distress of the people is rapidly increasing. Fears are more intense; sadness is deeper, and anger is untamable. Humanity seems to have embarked on a path where self-reflection and a reassessment of values and inner states are necessary for everyone, not only those who are driven by adversity to mental, emotional, and physical collapse. The pandemic and the measures taken to contain it have unlocked deeply hidden distresses, allowing it to be expressed to the full, which for some means extreme anger, deep depression, burnout, anxiety… Feelings that we were not used to experiencing before in such intensity.

Even the health service is already warning us about the growing number of people, especially young people, who no longer find a sense of purpose in life. Having a purpose in life gives us inner strength and hope. It is the energy that connects us to our soul. I am sure you have also often wondered what your life’s meaning is. And what have you found? I remember that, even as a child, I often wondered why I was alive. But unfortunately, I did not find the answer at a young age, even though I felt my inner strength and the energy of my soul even then.

If you are despairing these days and cannot find the meaning of life, two ancient methods can help you: try a regular meditation for a few minutes or get creative.

Two languages of communication with the subconscious

Two languages of communication with the subconscious have been with humanity since its inception. Creativity, expression, symbolism, mythology, legends, and stories have become embedded in the collective unconscious over millions of years, through which we can read messages from our subconscious mind, as in dreams, or tell the subconscious mind how to change and heal, overcome adversity.

The second language is the language of meditation, contemplation, of connecting with our soul by finding ourselves in silence. In prehistoric times, our ancestors spent evenings around the fire, and rituals and ceremonies were part of the community’s daily life and the individual. Everyone understood that events, moments, and insights could have a deeper meaning. In this way, they recognized dangers and opportunities and understood the deeper parts of themselves, others, the community, and the creation. They realized that we are all connected to everything and that there are no coincidences. Only synchronistic messages can be recognized, read, and used to make life easier and better.

They recognized a mission in a child at birth. So the strong and fearless became warriors, the insightful and intuitive became witch doctors and shamans, and the patient and wise became leaders and chiefs. Each one realized that he/she had a mission and a unique gift and that his/hers life had a purpose.

How to become alive again?

In my practice as an expert in art, yoga, and gifted therapy, I have noticed that the capacity for expression and creativity in individuals is significantly suppressed. The awareness of oneself and the deeper layers of one’s existence is, for most, negligible. Our attention is on material things, limited to the outside world, surroundings, digital screens, jobs, appearance, money… Our energy is, therefore, constantly flowing away from ourselves to others. We scatter it in all directions, and we lose it.

However, going within and expressing our inner state through creation quickly improves on all levels. The perception of ourselves and the world changes, the internal energetic state is balanced, and the mind and emotions calm down. The individual becomes aware of himself and his unconscious patterns and behaviors, realizing himself and thus expanding his consciousness.

The greatest gift we can receive is the feeling that we are born with a mission and that our life has a purpose. This is furthermore of great importance for young people who, in the chaos of it all, have no guidance or mentoring to help them find the true meaning of life.

How can you help yourself?

If you are despairing these days and cannot find the meaning of life, you can help yourself with the two ancient methods mentioned above:

1. Try meditating regularly for a few minutes, without expectations and big ideas of the enlightenment. Forget about grandiose spirituality. Authentic spirituality is simple, and it works. Just try to be still and breathe with your eyes closed. If you persevere, which is an achievement in itself, your mind will slowly get used to the calm state, and the effect of the calmness will be longer and longer. But don’t get ahead of yourself, and don’t judge yourself to be harsh. There is no proper meditation or correct method. Nor is there any yoga police to check your meditation results.

2. You can try and be creative. If anger is brewing inside you, create with clay. If you cannot express your emotions, paint with watercolors. If you feel stagnant, move and dance to music spontaneously without controlled movements and control. If you are afraid to speak your mind and tell the truth, express yourself with sound. Mumble or sing something. All these expressions aim to unleash your inner state and make it real. Make the inner world alive. In this way, gradually, your mission will also awaken. You will uncover the foundation of your existence and receive an inexhaustible source of energy, the power of perseverance, the support of your ancestors, and the motivation for your future.

It is, therefore, a life decision what you will do with the time you have been given, as Gandalf says. Will you throw it away in a bottomless digital abyss, or will you waste it on your job, criticism, gossip, and slander? Or will you use it to fulfill your mission, which is not just for you but for the whole of humanity? It is up to you to decide.

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