Vast dimensions of the human mind

Magical wonders we possess but use wrongly.

A mind is a tool. It can be used for good or evil purposes. It can trap us in misery or free us from suffering, lift our spirits, and help us realize our inner potential. A weak, toxic, and unfocused mind blocks the free expression of the individual’s true nature and, due to its function of defense and survival, creates anxiety, depression, and many other psychological challenges. But when we free the mind from negative patterns, purify thoughts, and focus, it becomes a powerful ally in achieving our true purpose in life. If we want to be happy, successful, or creative, we need to control our minds to become our servants, not our masters.

To use the power of our mind, we must first know how it functions. The mind is not just an abstract thing that resides in the brain: think a little, remember something, condemn someone, make decisions, tarnish and persistently claim… People are often unaware of the mind’s extraordinary power, mainly used only for everyday reasoning and survival. According to some research, only four percent of the conscious mind is used; the rest of our existence is controlled by subconscious autopilot. According to the old yogic texts, Vedas humans have 16 dimensions of the mind. These 16 dimensions fall into four categories known in yoga as manas, asmita, buddhi and chitta.

The most basic, distracted, and ineffective dimension is the manas, the part of the mind responsible for receiving and managing the senses and connected to the body’s memory. Finally, asmita is the part of the mind defined in modern psychology as ego, the identity without which the buddhi, the analytical and intellectual part of the mind, could not function.

Mastering mind control is possible only with connection to the heart’s intelligence. To live in contact with a higher, more subtle, genius intelligence, we need to act from the heart, for which we need a lot of courage, will, and self-reflection.

Buddhi, misunderstood today as intelligence, is merely a data bank of everything read and experienced, of knowledge and memories that we connect. The buddhi never exceeds the limits of its information, as it acts only based on the data already there and has no access to new ones; therefore, it can’t create or innovate.

Creation is possible only with connection to the fourth category of the mind – chitta, which, in contrast to the first three connected to the external world, turns inward to the essence of humans. Chitta is the most fluid and calm part of our mind. The last point of the mind connects us to the origin of creation, to our consciousness. It is a doorway to a higher intelligence that sustains life, and if we can connect to it, it guides us along the path of our mission. If you touch this dimension of your mind, the connection between yourself and universal consciousness, you will not only calm and control the mind, but your life will become the best possible version for you. Nowadays, it is called manifestation.

The path to the actual manifestation of life, which almost no one can achieve, is not only positive thinking and attitude or rising vibration but persistent, serious, and deep inner work.

Heart intelligence

A myriad of methods promises how to master the secrets of the mind. However, if these methods do not touch your mind-heart connection, they are just calming techniques, not transformational. Mastering the mind control is possible only with the heart’s intelligence. Through the mind that resides in the heart. To experience and live in contact with chitta, a higher intelligence, we must act from the heart, for which we need a lot of courage, will, and self-reflection. Many people prefer to work with the intellect – analyzing, reasoning, stringing together data, and quoting because they are afraid to sink into the wisdom of the heart, where the absolute truth lies. Today it is easier to intellectualize than to act from the heart’s intelligence.

If we dedicate a little time each day to serious practices that will direct us to the heart, we will not only become mcalmerand wise, but we will be getting closer to higher intelligence.

Obstacles to the full use of the mind

Ignorance of ourselves and our true nature is the first blockage that we all experience today and is reflected in the wrong personal identity when we try to imitate another, act, and look like someone we judge as better than ourselves, which will never work to our benefit. We will use most of our energy to maintain a mask, a Persona, that we think is better than our true nature, and to suppress our gifts and talents. Strong blockages in the mind system are also desires and expectations, everything we want for ourselves – love, money, a job, success, admiration. Desires and expectations create a mental vortex that constantly requires our attention and energy. The same thing happens with rejections of everything we don’t want, for example illness. Fear is the most powerful, inherited, collective blockage ingrained in our subconscious even before birth. Fear of expression and creating… constantly drills a bottomless hole in us and eats away at the time and attention we should devote to our lives.

Loosening of mental nodes

Relieving the distresses of the mind that are deeply ingrained in us is a very demanding and complex process. Yoga, which follows traditional methods, uses different procedures and approaches that precisely affect different levels of the mind. Viniyoga – yoga therapy is especially effective in this journey. Its ancient unique and simple approaches help balance the mind, emotions, and energy. Deepak Chopra, author and advocate of alternative medicine, said in a study by The Chopra Foundation that investigated the impact of mantra meditations: “It reduces the amount of genes that cause disease and inflammation.”

In all my years of giving help as a Viniyoga therapist, I believe that now is the time to rethink our values and lay a better foundation for the future. My experiences over the years of personal spiritual development have led me to realize that we cannot progress personally or as humanity without energetic support, sharpening the inner compass and calming the mind.

It is not enough to just think and dream of better times. To become genuine and live a fulfilled life, we need to embark on the path of our inner self-realization. To control the mind means to control one’s life. Managing your life means living in fullness, creativity, and joy.

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