The feeling of not being good enough

Feelings of potential and at the same time having a perception of not being good enough create intensive inner conflict in gifted people. Furthermore, this conflict deflects them from further success and robs them of a bright future.

What is standing in the way of seeing your giftedness and your potential?

Many gifted people, including myself, went through a storm of self-worth’s ups and downs. This vulnerable space can bring a negative outcome as limiting your potential or positive ones to recognize your self-worth and uniqueness.

Commitment, trust, and respect must not be directed to the goal but to yourself.

It is time to stand up for yourself and trust. Faith has been a pillar from the beginning of humanity. Connect to it and trust that your uniqueness has a purpose. Nourish your gifts, meet your gifted needs, balance your well-being, and align yourself with your higher purpose.

If you don’t know your purpose, start with creativity. Where are you the most creative?

We need to allow ourselves permission to fail at times, which is very painful for gifted people.

Higher expectations and feelings that you’re not good enough create a significant gap in our perception of ourselves. It feels like we are tearing apart. Our ego can hurt us to the depths of our souls.

However, we must trust our inborn intelligence and our unconscious ability to heal.

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