Still not sure you are a gifted woman? Check it out!

Doubting your giftedness is the most common sign of gifted people. 

Check out the following questions.

As a child, did you ask questions that no one could answer?
Were you extremely shy as a child?
Did you sit in the back of the class at school?
Did you feel like you were ‘too much’ for others?

Are you struggling with how to be feminine?
Do you dress more like a boy?
Do you prefer to stay up late into the night reading books or researching space, psychology, or human cells rather than looking for the best dress, shoes, or cosmetics?

Do you see the truth and always try to pursue it?
Do you find working in exceptionally rigid, traditional, and hierarchical relationships challenging?
You find it difficult to talk about everyday things, but when it comes to your field of expertise, you start to sparkle?

Have you found it difficult (if at all) to find a partner?
In a partnership, do you never expect help and do everything yourself?
Are you afraid of losing your partner?
Do you find it challenging to be at social gatherings where several people chat casually, and you hide in a corner?

Are you very self-critical?
Do you feel uncomfortable in your body?
Do you feel that you are never good enough?
Do you feel sad deep down inside but don’t know what for?

If you answer yes to most of the questions, then you are for sure on the spectrum of giftedness.

Welcome to the unique Program for gifted women, where you can empower your giftedness and create a life of abundance and influence.

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