Reducing inborn potential

Today, we are not focused on awakening and activating our potential locked in our DNA but on reducing it.

We are reducing our BODY’s potential by not exploring all possibilities of movement in a natural way. We are lifting weights and creating crazy sports with crazy equipment that is not normal for our bodies. Walking, hiking, picking fruits, and most of all, dancing are movements that are natural to the BODY and, therefore, also beneficial.

We are reducing the potential of our MIND by shrinking it to the function of the intellect. Intellect is not intelligence. It is merely a part of the mind whose function is analyzing, scrutinizing, researching…with already given information. It does not reach beyond the provided data. This is the reason why our progress and evolution are slow. We know merely a few geniuses who contributed to the larger society for the better.

We are not allowed to use our minds in all their potential. We are not instructed on how to use it. Instead, we are taught to keep our heads down and follow the rigid structure built to entirely reduce our capacity to live life in all its possibilities.

We are reducing our SOUL’s potential by blocking all its channels. As youngsters, we start to identify and build our personalities. Identification becomes a mask. And just one mask is not enough. We build masks over masks to become the most adjusted and proper human beings whose mistakes, illusions, and blind spots will never be visible to others. This is how we create the blockade that disconnects us from our soul, the higher self, whose guidance is essential for us to follow our life’s purpose.

We are reducing LIFE’s potential by not stepping on the path where we will reach the next level of possibilities that were literally given to us by birth.

If you are tired or frustrated of being reduced to merely a consumer and taxpayer, it is time to focus on your inborn gifts and unlock the infinite potential that will not just guide you but balance all areas of your life.


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