Gifted Women must step forward and take the lead

Gifted women must play a unique and powerful role in today’s society. Their intellect, creativity, compassion, and resilience are the KEYS to establishing the harmony of our world in profound and transformative ways.

As Michael Piechowski wisely said: “Giftedness is not a matter of degree but of a different quality of experiencing: vivid, absorbing, penetrating, encompassing, complex, commanding – a way of being quiveringly alive.”

Gifted women are everywhere. Most of them learned how to fit into society and buried their giftedness.

The process of negating inner power through potential starts at a very early age when more than half of all gifted girls reject their distinctiveness, creativity, innovation, observations, and perception of the world and people. It gets worse in puberty when, in the end, THREE OF FOUR gifted girls completely discard their giftedness and live life in the shadow of others.

I meet them daily in my office in private practice. I witnessed many of them rekindling their academic pursuits, ascending to leadership roles, and establishing their own companies. Yet, above all, I witness their profound journey of connecting with their innermost selves, becoming empowered through the revelation of their once-hidden potential.


We must acknowledge and honor the gifted women among us whose:
– abilities extend beyond conventional measures,
– deep understanding of the needs of humanity can heal the wounded part of humanity,
– intellect is a beacon that can navigate the world toward high consciousness humanity,
– creativity as a force for innovation can transform the world toward peace, compassion, and support.

Gifted women MUST CREATE their own path – it is not just a choice but a necessity.

In a world that may not always recognize the depth of their capabilities, gifted women MUST STAND together, support each other, forge ahead, forging paths that illuminate possibilities for all.

This is why I developed a unique and specialized program where gifted women worldwide will heal, support, and connect with each other.

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