Beyond time and understanding: waiting for non-human connection

In my work with gifted individuals, I’ve had the privilege of meeting extraordinary adults and children who seem to exist beyond the limitations of our current time and understanding. Profound challenges often mark their journey here and now as they suffer in a world that continually fails to comprehend their unique perspective of existence, universe, and humanity.

And their suffering is deep, while their authenticity is shattered from an early age.

These remarkable individuals perceive the world far different from the mundane aspects of daily life that most people experience. They think expansively, seeing the world in multidimensional shades, including perspectives that are so abstract that they can’t even be imagined. Their energy is so intense that it can evoke powerful emotions, leaving those around them deeply moved. They are deeply compassionate and ethical and are focused just on bringing well-being and abundance to others.

Truly, they embody the excellent future of humanity.

However, these exceptionally gifted individuals often walk a lonely path in this world — devoid of the support, understanding, and kindred spirits that can truly appreciate the depth of their giftedness.

I met several tired of trying, pushing, and persuading others to comprehend and expert their ideas. The struggle to persuade and push against the tide of conventional thinking has taken its toll, leading some to disengage from humanity’s collective consciousness. Instead, they’ve sought solace and connection with otherworldly beings, hoping that one day, they might find kindred spirits among extraterrestrial intelligence.

It’s disheartening to witness a society that constantly overlooks the immense potential within these gifted children and adults, individuals who exist ahead of their time and possess the capacity to propel humanity toward a more compassionate and advanced future.

We must extend our support to exceptionally gifted individuals longing for non-human contact to ease their suffering. By doing so, we can demonstrate how humans can also be open-minded and receptive to their unique experiences and perspectives.

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