A journey of a brilliant young woman: from self-doubt to leadership

When I met her, she was preoccupied with her feeling of not being good enough and was perpetually trying to satisfy her boss and her coworkers. She was afraid to set her boundaries, express her expectations, and voice her opinions. She was complaining, yet she didn’t take a step forward to change the environment. She didn’t know how to do it. She was lost in her own thoughts and feelings of immense quilt.

She was not aware of her amazing mind.

While talking to her, I pointed out to her that she has exceptional ideas and that she might be gifted. Her reaction was impulsive.

“Of course, I’m not gifted! What a foolish question,” she exclaimed.

I looked at her; her laughter was masking her trembling voice, she tried to move her legs around, and her nerves in her right leg began to tremble.

I knew she felt it, the truth about herself. And that something awakened in her. 

I was looking at her and waited. In a moment, I felt her Gifted Self turn towards me and look at me in astonishment (that usually happens :). It was as if it asked me you know I exist? When we parted, I wondered if she would be strong enough to come again and if her Gifted Self would be prepared enough to continue the sessions.

The next day, she called me.

“My colleague told me I have a two-way mind and that she always wanted to tell me that I am too fast, too complex and that she can’t follow me,” she explained.

Hmm, great, life gave her immediate feedback, I smiled to myself.

In her three years of therapy for the gifted, she became a CEO of a large company, something she never thought about before. She gained focus, clearly of her mission, established healthy boundaries, and found colleagues who have the same intensive, multi-dimensional minds that she adores working with. Although she is stressed and tired, she explained it as positive stress, as a fire that invigorates her. Her innovative ideas, intelligence, and complex solutions are met by colleagues who share her mindset and understand her.

“I understand now what you’ve been saying to me all this time. I get it now,” she said to me the other day.

The most beautiful part is the feeling of being understood when my ideas are supported by others, and when I can put my intensities to real work, she added.

As a mother, she has advanced profoundly. Her children are all highly/profoundly gifted in several areas. She learned how to connect with them, meet them at the right spot, and still be a loving and conscious parent. For this, she is tremendously happy and grateful. Her children are too.

I already see the next step for her, moving into an even more demanding and innovative business where she can celebrate her intelligence even more. Let’s wait for the right moment to suggest that to her. I am sure her soul will agree.

Brilliance of a gifted women  

As we navigate an ever-evolving business challenge, we must acknowledge and celebrate the extraordinary contributions of gifted women in our workplaces. These women bring unique perspectives, unparalleled creativity, and a level of intellect that continually pushes the boundaries of innovation and problem-solving.

Innovative thinkers

Gifted women bring forward innovative ideas and solutions. Their creativity, innovations, and ideas are not just a catalyst for change but also a source of inspiration for their colleagues.

Intellectual prowess

Their intellectual depth allows them to tackle complex challenges easily, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth and learning.

Visionary leadership

Gifted women leaders are often at the forefront of envisioning and implementing innovative strategies. Their vision extends beyond the immediate, aiming to create sustainable and inclusive growth for all involved and humanity. Their leadership skills come naturally, without manipulation, envy, and exclusivity. So many times, they bring a unique perspective to decision-making processes. They excel in empathizing, understanding, and connecting with their teams, which fosters a supportive and productive work environment.

Global impact

Gifted female leaders are changing the narrative within their organizations and influencing global trends and policies. Their leadership transcends borders, inspiring change and progress worldwide that follow sustainable development with careful thought for future generations. They are not narrowing their focus on profit but on the well-being of all.


Gifted women understand that by transforming their inner blockades, they transcend their ‘not good enough’ ego challenge, which leads to recognizing their importance in developing a sustainable future in which no one will be left behind.

Her story is not just about one woman’s success; it’s about the boundless potential that lies within all gifted individuals waiting to be unlocked. It’s about the transformative power of self-awareness and the courage to embrace our uniqueness.

Don’t wait for your gifts to be recognized, valued, and harnessed; transcend through your giftedness and step into your power today.

Katja Ujčič developed the Program for Gifted Women, where she helps gifted women reach their true inner potential without fitting into society’s rules that don’t work for them.

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