The healing power of movement and sound

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Weekend retreat in the forests of the Triglav National Park: 10th of June – 12th of June 2022

Music, art, dance, spirituality… it is all life that wants to express itself through us.

When was the last time you felt the flow of life?

The life that takes over everything that exists and allows you to live?

When we allow the flow of life to flow through our energetic veins, transformation into higher self-awareness and awakening of our potentials happens.

Lack of contact with our creativity, our inner intelligence, is the cause of countless conditions that have become a daily struggle for almost everyone: depression, anxiety, burnout, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, panic attacks, fatigue and all the conditions that prevent us from feeling good in our bodies.

Also, a lack of this energy affects our mental health. We become indifferent, unmotivated, melancholic, self-conscious, unconfident and lose a positive outlook on life.

At the level of our undermined emotional state, we create blockages in accepting and expressing life, in surrendering and reaching for happiness, but also in suppressing anger, drowning in hopelessness and inability to accept responsibility for ourselves and our lives.

Most importantly, the blockage at the energetic level is manifested in confusion, living a life without meaning and focus, and resigning oneself to living life on auto-pilot.

The Healing Power of Movement and Sound is a workshop where you will get in touch with your life energy through interesting and gentle experiences. We will focus on:

1- clearing energy and removing blockages,

2- laying a healthy energetic foundation,

3- opening space for abundance and harmony.

Movement is the praise of life, so we will prepare ourselves for the day ahead daily with the help of @Viniyoga therapeutic yoga exercises. We will walk to the energy points on the Praprotnica Hill. There is an earth energy point between Uskovnica and Rudno Polje on Praprotnica Hill. The powerful earth radiation, which is used by some as a medicine, is marked by stones in the shape of a large star. Using movement techniques, we will also continue to open the space for the gifts we were given at birth.

Healing energy points on the Praprotnica Hill


Sound is an ancient means of healing. In this workshop we will encounter purifying yogic chants – chants used to purify our energy, bless our health and attract harmony into our lives. Ancient mantras will be used to support us to bring abundance into our lives. Enjoyable company will allow for relaxation and the opportunity to let go of whatever is coming our way in life. Mutual support is essential for an open and flowing life.

Make the most of the joy and healing power of movement and sound!

Join us for a weekend break in the forests of Pokljuka, where you will:

1 – awaken your body’s vitality,2 – calm your mind,3 – purify your energy and4 – lay the foundations for health, harmony and prosperity.

You will stay in the restored Jelka Hotel in Pokljuka, where you will be lulled into a dream by the sound of the wind among the tall ancient spruce trees and wake up to the sounds of nature.

Weekend retreat: The healing power of movement and sound

Date: 10th of June – 12th of June 2022

Location: Pokljuka, Hotel Jelka

Price includes:

* 2x overnight in cosy rooms in the Jelka Hotel, in the middle of the Triglav National Park (+sauna),* 6 vegetarian meals (full board),* hike to the energy points on the Praprotnica plateau,* 2x movement and sound workshop,* chanting and mantras,* evening rituals,* socialising, getting to know each other and supporting each other.

What is not included in the price?

* transport to the location,* tourist tax 2 € per person per night (payable at the hotel).

Who is the break for?

The retreat is for anyone who wants to clear their energy, calm their mind, recharge their energy and lay the foundations for health, harmony and abundance. The ancient techniques of @Viniyoga are extremely powerful, yet very gentle subtle techniques that anyone can practice and you will be able to practice/listen to them at home after the retreat. Anyone who longs for a change for the better but doesn’t know how to start, as well as anyone who is already on the path of inner transformation, is invited to this retreat in nature with a nice supportive company.


Program of the retreat

Friday, 10th of June17:00 – arrival17:30 – orientation and information19:00 – dinner20:30 – evening chanting and meditation (energy clearing)

Saturday, 11th of June07:30 – breakfast08:30 – hike to the energy points on the Praprotnica Hill (easy walking)12:30 – lunch14:00 – movement and sound workshop (yoga therapy practice, movement techniques, mantras)19:00 – dinner20:30 – evening chanting and meditation (laying the energetic foundations for health and abundance)

Sunday, 12th of June07:30 – yoga therapy in nature08:30 – breakfast09:30 – movement and sound workshop (yoga therapy practice, movement techniques, mantras)12:30 – lunch14:00 – discussion and closing (until approx. 16:00)

The programme is subject to change depending on the weather.



Stay in a 2- or 3-bedded room + full board + programme: € 349

Stay in a single room: extra charge € 36 (limited number of rooms).

Surcharge for tourist tax at the hotel: 2€ per person per night.

Payment by instalments possible. The last instalment must be paid one week before the holiday.

Reservations and information: [email protected]

Your place is reserved when we receive payment. If you are unable to attend after payment, we will not refund the amount you have paid, but you can arrange a replacement.

Yoga therapy (mantra meditation, chanting, visualisation, pranayama)…

… is one of the best systems of daily routine for better well-being that TRULY enables the activation of self-healing and self-regulating genes, reduces the influence of disease and inflammation causing genes, helps to resolve psychological and emotional problems, helps to awaken inner potentials, and helps to develop strong, cognitive and behavioural coping mechanisms for anxiety, depression, burnout and other psychosomatic conditions.

The Healing Power of Movement and Sound retreat is open to everyone. No prior knowledge is necessary. You will be able to move as part of yoga therapeutic gentle exercises and a nature walk. You will be able to experience the experience of sound by listening to healing Vedic chants and mantras, where you will also be able to – if you wish – actively participate. The main thing is to be present.

Katja Ujčič

The retreat will be led by Katja Ujčič, an expert in the field of giftedness, expressive therapy and yoga therapy. For many years I have been actively training and working in the field of the world-famous therapeutic yoga approach @Viniyoga, which has extraordinary effects on body, mind and soul. I work globally with experts in the field of yoga therapy as well as in the field of giftedness. I have experienced the healing power of movement and sound for myself and use it daily in my individual work with clients from around the world, as well as for myself personally.

The number of participants is limited.

Please, register at [email protected].

Event registration closed.

Date And Time

10.06.2022 @ 17:00 to
12.06.2022 @ 16:00

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Hotel Jelka, Pokljuka

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