Program for gifted women – January 2024!

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Embrace your true worth, 

connect to your inborn intelligence and 

help change the world.

A 6-week private group experience designed to support you in reconnecting to your inborn intelligence, giving you a taste of your potential, and creating an abundance framework to uplevel your life.



Limited spots are available.

Are you tired of despair and mundane life? 

JOIN NOW and exceed your limitations! 

Join the program, if:

  • you experience the world intensely and connect information in a different way than others;
  • you’ve been trying to integrate into society all your life, but you’re not succeeding;
  • you claim you are not gifted and have a feeling you are never good enough;
  • you can’t find a partner and don’t understand human relationships;
  • you struggle with femininity and sensuality;
  • you feel alienated and misunderstood may be also sinking into depression and anxiety;
  • you are smarter and faster than your colleagues, but you don’t want to expose yourself;
  • you are hiding behind a mask of mediocrity, although you feel you have immense potential;
  • you realize it’s time to move on, make your life meaningful, and contribute to a better future.

Do you want your life aligned to your calling, soul-nourishing, rooted in the earth, so you can truly thrive and make the impact you desire?


Check all the information and sign in: Program for gifted women. 



6-week online program for


DATE: January 2024 (exact date to be determined)


REGISTRATION: [email protected]

VALUE: 999€ 


  • 6 x 2.5 hours weekly workshops, 
  • 2 x 90 minutes individual session with Katja Ujčič (first one at the beginning, second one at the end of the program),
  • private Facebook group for the participants. 

The program offers a comprehensive experience encompassing intensive group and individual processes. During each weekly workshop, participants receive personalized feedback to support their growth. Practical tools and structure are provided to help align participants with their unique gifts, enabling them to unleash their creative potential. The program covers various aspects, including:

  • reconnecting to giftedness;
  • understanding yourself through the lens of giftedness;
  • understanding your gifted needs;
  • embracing your inner nuances;
  • developing self-confidence;
  • learn how to communicate your gifted needs and skills;
  • transforming limiting beliefs and habits;
  • heightened your awareness and intuition; 
  • taking practical steps in life to gain clarity and take action towards thriving.

Please note that the available spots are limited to ensure a personalized approach.


Check all the information and sign in: Program for gifted women. 




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