Switch on your higher intelligence!

Switch on your higher intelligence and evoke your inner genius!

Do you wish to turn on your long-forgotten switch that will awaken your inner strength, self-confidence, your inner truth, intuition and dormant higher intelligence in you?
Another unique ON-LINE program facilitated by Katja Ujčič, expressive art therapist, yoga therapist, executive coach, therapist for gifted.
If you have a feeling that you have to awaken your true calling in these challenging times, then join us on the program that will support you along the way of your self-discovery and will help you to switch on the ancient gifts that are still dormant in you.
In this beneficial and innovative program, you will:
👍 let go of heavy emotions like: I’m not good enough, I’m irrelevant, it’s dangerous to be me, it’s dangerous to express my truth …;
👍 learn how to accept yourself;
👍 realize the connections between your subconscious patterns and your life;
👍 empower yourself;
👍 let go of fear and live relaxed life;
👍 enjoy the company of the supportive people;
👍 empower yourself to claim your boundaries, if you are trapped in toxic relationships,
👍 get to know yourself, your inner truth and learn how to appreciate and respect yourself;
👍 get insights about your mission in life and discover the hidden gifts that will help you in your life.
In this unique 6-months long program you will experience:
✅ 6 webinars in program: one per month unique 2 hours long unique webinar with gentle, yet profound inner processes.
✅ Additional daily support in closed FB group.
✅ Personal approach and guidance.
✅ Amusement and astonishing discoveries about yourself.
✅ Deep and profound methods that you can use all your life.
✅ Explore several modalities that will support you on social, emotional and cognitive level.
✅ No prerequisites, art talents or yoga knowledge are necessary.
Program value: 390 EUR until 19th of December | after 660 EUR
Program starts on 14th of January 2021 at 7 PM Europe Time (19:00) and will be held via ZOOM in English.
We will meet once per month for 6 month ON-LINE for 2 hours and communicate daily in FB group.
Please register early as there is due to personal approach a limit on the number of participants.
🎯 You can register on: [email protected]
Join the program and unleash your potentials and switch on your higher intelligence!
See you on soon on-line!
Previous participants on the program Switch on your higher intelligence:
“Katja’s gentle approach allows for the process to begin. As the process continues, Katja senses and leads through her thoughtful questions and keen observation. The process is subtle yet profound. Katja’s workshops have been instrumental for me, giving me insight and revelation into my life. Katja process promotes healing and clarity of mind.” Angela
“I was very surprised about the Power it came to me. I was not expecting my reaction. I found out, that I was on a very good and stable way for myself and that I have found my path. I felt no more grief, I felt a great power and the awareness, that I gained a great power growing through these processes.” Sabine
“I liked the content. The way of Katja’s guiding, pure harmony. It can be seen that what she says is part of her. I liked the energy, the high frequencies that was present and supportive. I was very relaxed on all the workshops.” Matthew
“The pleasure of getting to know yourself, it was intoxicating, when Katja led us into the depths of the subconscious, without it would be hard to live on, it’s too edible. On the program I got the feeling that I knew myself very well and that I was on the right track. I found a treasure that was waiting for me, which is very important and useful for me.” Alenka
“I experienced strong insights into myself and a completely different perspective on my life, also as an artist.” Anja
“All that I experienced in program led me to more fruitful and full life. Exercises to relax the nervous system, breathing with OM, yogic breathing, art processes and movement, special steps that led me to discover my soul … The combination helped me to realize my inner calling and gifts that are now supporting me in my life. Unforgettable.” Patrick
Photo by Adsuger

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